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Last modified: September 26, 2023

1110 P1 Student Officers on the Board

Further to the attendant policy, this procedure outlines and delineates the purpose and operational aspects of including students as officers on the Provo City School District Board of Education.


There are three main purposes for including students on the Board:

  1. To invite student perspectives on matters the board is discussing,
  2. To encourage more of a liaison function between students throughout the district and the board, and
  3. To actively promote and facilitate democratic governance practices in the lives of student representatives.


The Board will select one representative each from the Timpview attendance boundary and one from the Provo High School Boundary. Eligible students to be considered will be enrolled, fulltime students in a high school in Provo City School District. The students must be either a Senior or a Junior in the intended year of service.

The following additional eligibility criteria are required:

  1. Student officers must be willing to commit the necessary time to attend meetings and perform the duties and responsibilities.
  2. The student officers’ citizenship record is important.
  3. The student should have a record that is clear of truancies and disciplinary consequences for at least the prior 12 months. This includes violations of state/municipal laws.
  4. The members must have a cumulative minimum of a 2.0 GPA, with no F or I grades in the preceding school year. An official transcript in a sealed envelope issued by the school is to accompany the application. Candidates must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 during their term of service. In the event that a student member’s final academic grades fall below the minimum standard, they will be placed on probationary status for the duration of the school term.
  5. Be aware that a Student Member term begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year.


Student officers will be part of Business Meetings and Study Sessions. This also includes fullday retreats if absences can be pre-arranged at the respective schools. Student officers will not vote on items, nor will they take part in Executive Sessions. Student officers may participate in additional trainings and conferences within the state, if relevant. 

Student Officers must remember that the PCSD Board of Education is a policy-making body and not an administrative body.

Attendance and Reporting

Student Officers are expected to be in attendance and on time for all board meetings noted in “Roles”. Exceptions to the attendance standard will be made so long as advance notice is provided to the sponsoring Board member and the sponsoring district administrator.

The student officers will be called upon periodically to provide a short report (3 minutes) during the business meeting regarding their relevant activities as student officers. An accompanying presentation including displayed material is acceptable.

Expectations and Responsibilities

The Student Officers shall:

  1. Be prepared with the agenda at each monthly meeting including a review of any appropriate items with your assigned board member/administrator mentor.
  2. Be respectful and courteous with your fellow board members in meetings and in public.
  3. Dress properly in business attire.
  4. Keep remarks and questions brief, clear, and to the point.
  5. Be prepared to report at public meetings.
  6. Make every effort to represent all students throughout the district.
  7. Learn the identity of the Board members and address them by name, utilizing opportunities to talk with them informally.
  8. Contribute to the discussion by providing student insight and comment on policies, procedures, and decisions.
  9. A student school board member who neglects or refuses to attend two (2) regular meetings of the School Board, unless excused by illness or participating in a school-affiliated event, may be removed from their position by the Provo City School District Board. Such removal may occur based upon reasonable cause. Whether the board chooses to replace this individual during the current term is entirely up to the Board.
  10. Act only when the board is in session unless authorized by the board to perform specific assignments.
  11. Refer requests to action via the correct administrative channels.
  12. Be enrolled in the Student Government class at the district school they attend, alongside their school-elected and appointed officials during their term as student members.
  13. Recognize that effective democratic procedure exists when all Board members support the implementation of policy that has been approved by a majority action at an open public meeting.

Board Member and Administrator Mentorship

The Board will designate a member of the Board to serve as a mentor for the student officers. Working in consultation with the Board, the superintendent will designate a member of district administration to serve as the administrative mentor. Together, the board member and administrator will hold regular meetings with the student officers to prepare them for the upcoming board meeting and to offer relevant training regarding board membership. 


The Student members shall be chosen by submitting an application by April 1 of each year. The Board will decide on the top candidates from each geographic region and invite them to interview for the position. Students should be prepared to articulate their understanding of a student representative’s role on the board. The board will decide who is best fit to serve based on the candidate’s capability to embody the voice and advocate for the interest of the students, dedication to enhancing education inclusive of a student view, and application. The application must include:

  1. Completed Application Form 1110 F1
  2. A brief, written description of the applicant’s reasons for wishing to serve on the Provo City School District Board of Education
  3. A current resume that includes honors and awards the student has received, extracurricular curricular activities the student has been involved in, and any other information the student believes is important to include
  4. A personal narrative, not to exceed 1-2 pages, that includes the reason(s) the student would like to serve as the student representative to the School Board
  5. Three letters of recommendation from adults familiar with the applicant’s qualifications, such as teachers, administrators, employers, and ecclesiastical leaders
  6. A printed copy of the applicant’s attendance record for the past 12 months, obtained from the applicant’s school
  7. A sealed, up-to-date transcript issued by the school registrar
  8. OPTIONAL: signatures from 45 high school students currently enrolled in the Provo City School District

Selection and Announcement

  1. Members of the board, on behalf of the entire board, and a designated member of Council will review applications and will narrow the field down to a smaller number of finalists.
  2. The finalists will be interviewed and considered by a group of board members or the entire board, depending on scheduling availability, and a designated member of Council.
  3. The decision and public announcement of the student officers selected will be made by approximately May 15.

Policy and Forms