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Employment Vacancies: August 12, 2022

Provo City School District has the following employment vacancies. To find out more, please visit the Job Portal link below.

August 4, 2022

  • Inst Asst 2/General—–Westridge Elementary
  • Asst 1/Campus Supervision—–Spring Creek Elementary
  • Office Asst 2/General—–Provo Adult Ed
  • Hourly Teacher-Adult Ed—–Provo Adult Ed

August 5, 2022

  • CTE Teacher—–Dixon Middle
  • Inst Asst 2/Special Ed—–Westridge Elementary
  • Inst Asst 2/General—–Rock Canyon Elementary
  • Office Asst 2/General—–Dixon Middle
  • Inst Asst 3/General—–Spring Creek Elementary

August 8, 2022

  • Inst Asst 1/Extended Day—–Amelia Earhart Elementary
  • Inst Asst 3/Extended Day—–Amelia Earhart Elementary
  • Inst Asst 3/Special Ed—–Provo Peaks Elementary
  • Special Education Teacher—–Provo Peaks Elementary
  • Inst Asst 2/Title 1—–Sunset View Elementary
  • Inst Asst 3/Extended Day—–Dixon Middle
  • Hourly Teacher-Community Ed—–Adult ESOL
  • Inst Asst 3/Extra Curricular—–Timpview High

August 9, 2022

  • English Teacher—–Provo High
  • Inst Asst 3/Extra Curricular—–Timpview High
  • Business Teacher—–Provo High
  • Asst 1/Library Media—–Rock Canyon Elementary

August 10, 2022

  • Asst 0/Custodial Sweeper—–Timpanogos Elementary
  • Asst 1/Custodial—–Timpanogos Elementary
  • Inst Asst 1/General—–Rock Canyon Elementary
  • Inst Asst 4/Behavior Spec—–Amelia Earhart Elementary
  • Inst Asst 4/Behavior Spec—–Amelia Earhart Elementary
  • Inst Asst 4/Content Orch—–Provo City School District

August 11, 2022

  • Inst Asst 2/Tracker—–Dixon Middle
  • Inst Asst 1/504—–Dixon Middle
  • Inst Asst 2/General—–Dixon Middle
  • Asst 1/Custodial—–Edgemont Elementary
  • Asst 1/Custodial—–Canyon Crest Elementary
  • Speech-Language Technician—–Provo City School District
  • Asst 1/Custodial—–Provo Peaks Elementary
  • Asst 1/Custodial—–Franklin Elementary
  • Asst 1/Custodial—–Rock Canyon Elementary

See full listing of Provo City School District Jobs Available through Job Portal

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H.B. 162 (Period Products in Schools) Information

This year, the state legislature approved House Bill 162, which requires school districts to provide period products for students in all school facilities.  Accordingly,  Provo City School District will place free period products in every female and family bathroom in our schools. Within the coming days, donated period product dispensers will be installed at each school, providing high-quality, organic, dignified products for our students.

Additionally, H.B. 162 requires that schools inform students about the availability of the products being provided.  Parents or guardians are responsible for discussing the need for and proper use of period products with their children and these topics will not be addressed by the schools.  The state has provided communication and information materials to share with parents and students.  As the school year approaches, you may see this communication coming from your child’s school.  All the materials are also provided below.  

Period Products in Utah Schools

How to Talk About Periods

In-Bathroom Poster

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Board Report August 9

On Tuesday, August 9, the School Board held its monthly meeting. The following topics were discussed:

  • Welcome: President Melanie Hall
  • Business Items
    • Consider the motion to approve the draft Provo City School District Early Learning Plan for the 2022-2023 school year as discussed in study session – Motion Carries
    • Consider the motion to approve the large purchase request with state funds for Lexia in the amount of $87,295.00 – Motion Carries
    • Consider the motion to approve the Title I large purchase request for the Ellevation Software with state funds in the amount of $57,500.00 – Motion Carries 
    • Consider the motion to approve the salary schedule adjustment as discussed in study session – Motion Carries
    • Consider the motion to approve and adopt the final budget for fiscal year 2022-2023 with the tax rate of 0.007323 – Motion Carries
    • Consider the motion to approve the items on the Consent Calendar – Motion Carries
  • Board Report: Jennifer Partridge
  • Superintendent’s Report

In addition to the normal Business Meeting, the Board also held a Public Hearing for proposed Tax Increases. To view the full meeting, check out the recording on YouTube

View full minutes in Board Docs

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