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Addendum to RFP: Sealed proposals due to Provo City School District on June 11 at 2:00 P.M. due to district closure on Friday.

Purpose Of Request For Proposal (RFP)

The purpose of this Request For Proposal is to enter into a contract with a qualified company to provide a student data dashboard tool as defined further in the scope of work. It is anticipated that this RFP may result in a contract award to a single vendor.

This RFP is designed to provide interested offerors with sufficient basic information to submit proposals meeting minimum requirements, but is not intended to limit a proposal’s content or exclude any relevant or essential data. Offerors are at liberty and are encouraged to expand upon the specifications to evidence service capability under any agreement.

Provo City School District will not be liable for any cost’s proposers may incur in the preparation or presentation of this proposal.

Provo City School District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or to waive any formality or technicality in any proposal, in the best interests of the District.


Provo City School District (“District”), located in Provo, Utah, operates 13 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 2 comprehensive high schools, as well as 1 other special school. With more than 17,000 students, Provo is the tenth largest district in Utah.

Issuing Office And RFP Reference Number

Provo City School District’s Business Department is the issuing office for this document and all subsequent addenda relating to it, on behalf of Provo City School District. The reference number for the transaction is Solicitation #1155-1. This number must be referred to on all proposals, correspondence, and documentation relating to the RFP. With the exception of the Chief Procurement Officer, no contact is to be made with employees or board members of Provo City School District regarding this opportunity during the bidding and evaluation phases of this solicitation. Such contact may result in rejection of your proposal.

Length Of Contract

The contract resulting from this RFP will be for a period of three years. The contract may be extended beyond the original contract period for up to two one-year periods.

The District reserves the right to review the contract on a regular basis regarding performance and cost analysis and may negotiate price and service elements during the term of the contract.

Price Guarantee Period

All pricing must be guaranteed for the initial term of the contract. Provo City School District will be given the immediate benefit of any decrease in the market, or allowable discount including any pricing reduction due to the State of Utah adopting the system. Renewal options pricing for years four and five will also be included in the price sheet and be guaranteed.

Contract Terms And Conditions

Any contract resulting from this RFP will include but may not be limited to the District’s Independent Contractor Agreement (see Attachment A). Exceptions and or additions to the District’s Independent Contractor Agreement are strongly discouraged.

Exceptions and additions to the District’s Independent Contractor Agreement must be submitted with the proposal response. Exceptions, additions, service level agreements, etc. submitted after the date and time for receipt of proposals will not be considered. Website URLs, or information on website URLs must not be requested in the RFP document and must not be submitted with a proposal. URLs provided with a proposal may result in that proposal being rejected as non-responsive. URLs are also prohibited from any language included in the final contract document.

The District retains the right to refuse to negotiate on exceptions should the exceptions be excessive, not in the best interest of the District, negotiations could result in excessive costs to the District, or could adversely impact existing time constraints. If negotiations are required, vendor must provide all documents in MS Word format for redline editing. Vendor must provide the name, contact information, and access to the person(s) that will be directly involved in legal negotiations.

The vendor has registered and is participating in the Status Verification System to verify the work eligibility status of the vendor’s new employees in accordance with Utah Code Ann. ,§63G-12-301, et seq. The vendor will require that the following provisions be placed in each subcontract at every tier: “[Subcontractor] shall certify to the [Vendor] by affidavit that [Subcontractor] has verified through the Status Verification System the employment status of each new employee of [Subcontractor], all in accordance with Utah Code Ann., §63G-12-301 and shall comply with all applicable employee status verification laws. Such affidavit must be provided prior to the notice to proceed for the Subcontractor to perform any portion of the work.” The vendor shall protect, indemnify, and hold harmless the District and its officers, employees, agents, representatives, and anyone that the District may be liable for, against any claim, damages, or liability arising out of or resulting from the violation of this Section whether violated by employees, agents, or contractors of: (a) the vendor; (b) any subcontractor or sub- subcontractor at any tier; and/or (c) any entity or persons from whom the vendor or subcontractor may be liable. The District will not consider a proposal for award, nor will it make any award where there has not been compliance with this section. Manually or electronically signing the proposal is deemed the vendor’s certification required by all applicable status verification laws, including Utah Code Ann., §63G-12-301.

The vendor hereby warrants and represents to the District that it has verified all of its subcontractors and material suppliers to assure that none of them are listed on the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) as maintained by the United States Government, General Services Administration. The EPLS provides information regarding individuals and entities that are debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, excluded or disqualified under the non- procurement common rule, or otherwise declared ineligible from receiving federal contracts, certain subcontracts, and certain federal assistance and benefits. (See The vendor shall protect, indemnify, and hold harmless the District and its board members, employees, agents, representatives, and anyone that the District may be liable for, against any claim, damages, or liability arising out of or resulting from the violation of this section whether violated by employees, agents, or contractors of: (a) the Vendor; (b) any subcontractor or sub- subcontractor at any tier; and/or (c) any entity or persons from whom the Vendor or subcontractor may be liable.

Detailed Scope Of Work

This student data dashboard product, to be used in a district with approximately 17,000 active students over the course of a year, up to 1,000 educator users, and over 12,000 devices, is to have the following requirements:

Please indicate if your system meets the following requirements for each requirements section. Indicate the ability to meet all of the minimum requirements, which are identified with “shall” along with a description of how it is accomplished. Add any comments or discussion about how your solutions implement the stated desirable functionality, which are identified with “desirable” if available. All functions described in the requirements that follow must be present and demonstrable by August 7, 2018 as proposer’s product demonstrations may be requested.

Content Requirements

Please discuss the content features of your solution. Minimally, does your solution provide this functionality?

  1. The system shall support a custom interactive data dashboard system with the ability to create, manage, and deploy a variety of classroom, school, and district‐wide dashboards with an emphasis on monitoring and tracking the following data and providing an Early Warning System for students at risk of failure and dropping out of school.
    1. Attendance data
    2. Student behavior data
    3. Academic data (e.g. grades, assessments, and credit accumulation)
  2. The system shall provide the ability to set thresholds or cut-points for each data point that identifies students that may be at risk. The system would permit teachers to group and re-group students based on these thresholds.
  3. It is desirable that the system will provide an assessment platform to generate classroom assessments. The system would provide an item bank for teachers to use in creating common formative assessments, and other test development. The offeror shall be able to demonstrate how a teacher can incorporate items into their assessments. It is desirable that the items be associated with Utah core standards. The core associations could be completed within twelve months of contract award. The offeror should be aware that the Utah Core is not the same as the national Common Core or NWEA standards.
  4. It is desirable that the system provide student, school and district reports that disaggregates student discipline data by type of incident and location.
  5. It is desirable that the system has evidence of a positive research-base. Additional points would be awarded if:
    1. A rigorous, systematic, and objective scientific study of the tool has been conducted
    2. The validity and reliability of the tool have been confirmed

Logistics Requirements

  1. The system shall be available continuously on all days.
  2. The system shall deliver secure online dashboards, reports and assessments. Dashboards, reports and assessments will be accessible to educators through login processes that specify roles as, but not limited to, LEA district administrator, teacher, proctor, technical support, school and LEA report reviewer, and author/editor for their assigned entity. Must comply with state and district FERPA requirements.
  3. It is desirable that benchmark formative assessments be assigned at District level.

Reporting Requirements

  1. The system shall integrate and transform multiple data sets (state, district, and school) into a comprehensive reporting system.
  2. The system shall provide reports automatically.
  3. The system shall provide immediate customized reports available through selection of filters.
  4. The system shall provide graphic reports “at a glance” to analyze progress over time by an interactive dashboard for schools/communities.

Technical Requirements

  1. It is desirable that the system provides that student information shall be updated by an automated interface between the school district student information system and the product eventually selected by the school district. The upload process should merge duplicate records and information.
  2. The system shall provide dedicated technical support. The vendor must provide full contact information for the specific person who will be responsible for this contract, including name, address, telephone number(s), and email address along with vendor’s company contact information. A Help Desk shall be available to educator users during times when schools are in session and to technical support personnel during all hours throughout the term of the contract.
  3. The system shall be able to run on a variety of devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and other devices. It needs to be able to run in a variety of operating environments (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.)
  4. The system shall provide a demonstration site available for evaluation and ongoing training.

Training Requirements

  1. The system shall provide training and documentation for:
    1. Creation of student, class and school profiles
    2. Use of reports
  2. The system shall provide technical specifications (if applicable) including:
    1. Supported browsers
    2. Supported operating systems
    3. Supported computers, laptops, tablets and other devices.
    4. File and data base relationships v. System recovery procedures
    5. Different modalities
    6. Degrees of training
  3. The awarded company shall provide training to the district to help ensure a successful implementation of the product and program. Describe the proposed training process including the web-based support after initial implementation.
  4. It is desirable that the training should be brief and involve different modalities of instruction. Use of the system should be intuitive.

Implementation Requirements

  1. The system shall be available to provide data profiles for students, classes, and schools by August 7, 2018. The concept of implementation will include:
    1. Integration of student records from the school district’s student information system (SIS) to create student accounts, teacher accounts, and school accounts.
  2. Please describe your company’s ability to meet these deadlines and include a project schedule. The project schedule should specify requirements and tasks for both the contractor and the District.

Proposal Requirements And Company Qualifications And Experience

  1. A statement of the company’s experience and qualifications to meet the requirements of the District as outlined herein. Include a general overview and history of your company, number of years in business, number of employees, corporate headquarters location, type of business, names of the company’s chief officers, and where you do business. Offerors may include an annual report or statement of finances, if available, but it shall not substitute for the written narrative requested for this item.
  2. Identify proposed staff members who would be involved in providing the products/services requested herein and submit statements or resumes detailing their qualifications and accreditations. Your proposal should include information on levels of training received by each staff member and detailed descriptions of their involvement with projects of similar or identical scopes.
  3. Detail your company’s experience in providing the products/services requested herein for similar customers of similar size, with dates of performance and/or completion, customers name, contact person, and telephone number(s). By providing such references you agree that neither the District nor the clients referenced shall have any liability regarding the provision of such references or the District’s use of such references in making selections under this request for proposal.
  4. Is your company currently involved in arbitration and/or litigation for any reason? If so, please elaborate. Has your company ever failed to complete any work awarded to you? If so, please explain.
  5. Has your company, or any of your proposed sub-contractors, ever filed for reorganization or bankruptcy? If so, please provide dates and resolution.
  6. Identify any of the work that you intend to subcontract to others and identify the proposed subcontractors including names, specific assignments, and the qualifications of the subcontracting company and its key personnel.
  7. In addition to the information and qualifications specified above, identify any special knowledge or skills provided by your company that may be related or helpful to the services requested herein.

Anticipated Solicitation Timeline

Event – Date

  1. RFP Released – May 25, 2018
  2. Question Submission Deadline – June 1, 2018
  3. Answer Deadline – June 5, 2018
  4. Proposals Due – June 8, 2018
  5. Evaluation Period Begins – June 11, 2018
  6. Presentations (if needed) – June 14, 2018
  7. Award of Contract – June 18, 2018
  8. Contract Finalized – July 2018


All questions must be submitted to Dr. Todd McKee, Executive Director of Secondary Education through email at: Answers will be given via email.

Proposal Response Format

All proposals must include a technical proposal and cost proposal. Formats for both documents follow:

Technical Proposal Format

Hard copies are to be tabbed by section.

  1. Tab 1. Executive Summary. The one or two page executive summary is to briefly describe the offeror’s proposal. This summary should highlight the major features of the proposal. It must indicate any requirements that cannot be met by the offeror. The reader should be able to determine the essence of the proposal by reading the executive summary. Protected information requests should be identified in this section.
  2. Tab 2. Detailed Response. This section should constitute the major portion of the proposal and must contain at least the following information:
    1. 1. A complete narrative of the offeror’s assessment of the work to be performed, the offeror’s ability and approach, and the resources necessary to fulfill the requirements. This should demonstrate the offeror’s understanding of the desired overall performance expectations. Clearly indicate any options or alternatives proposed.
    2. 2. A specific point-by-point response, in the order listed, to each requirement in the RFP. This point by point response is to address each of the minimum mandatory requirements. Failure to address the minimum mandatory requirements may result in a proposal being deemed non-responsive and removed from consideration.
  3. Tab 3. Protected Information. Please be advised that Utah law considers Proposal Documents as public records subject to inspection under the Governmental Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), Utah Code Ann., §63G-2-101, et seq. The Proposal Documents of the successful and unsuccessful Vendors shall be open to public inspection, except for portions that are to be non-disclosed as per Utah law. Accordingly, if a Vendor desires to request that a record be protected, the Vendor must: (a) submit a cover letter with the Proposal Documents specifically identifying which provisions of the Proposal Documents are claimed to be considered for business confidentiality or protected (including trade secrets or other reasons for non-disclosure under GRAMA); and (b) provide a concise statement of the reasons supporting each claimed provision of business confidentiality or protected.

Cost Proposal Format

The proposal must be set forth in such a way that it will allow the merits of the proposal to be evaluated in conjunction with applicable cost.

Submitting Your Proposal

Proposals must be received by the posted due date and time. Proposals received after the deadline will be late and ineligible for consideration.

Proposals must be delivered in hard copy. For this RFP, seven (7) identical hard copies of your technical proposal along with one (1) hard copy of your cost proposal must be received at Provo City School District, Attn: Tina Fluehe, Purchasing Director, 280 West 940 North, Provo, UT, 84604.

All submitted proposals will consist of a technical proposal and a cost proposal. For the electronic proposal submission you should attach two separate documents, a document titled “Technical Proposal” and a document titled “Cost Proposal”. For the hard copy these documents should be separate of each other. The cost proposal should be in a sealed envelope with the RFP number and the phase “Cost Proposal” clearly printed on the envelope.

Cost will be evaluated independent from the technical proposal, and as such, is to be submitted separate from the technical proposal. Failure to submit cost separately may result in your proposal being determined non-responsive. Inclusion of any cost or pricing data within the technical proposal may also result in your proposal being determined non- responsive.

NOTICE: By submitting a proposal in response to this RFP, offeror is acknowledging that the requirements, scope of work, and the evaluation process, outlined in the RFP are fair, equitable, not unduly restrictive, understood and agreed to. Any exceptions to the content of the RFP must be protested to the Chief Procurement Officer prior to the closing date and time for submission of the proposal.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

A committee will evaluate proposals against the following weighted criteria. Each area of the evaluation criteria must be addressed in detail in proposal. All proposals in response to this RFP will be evaluated in a manner consistent with the Utah Procurement Code, rules, policies and the evaluation criteria established in the RFP.

Weight Evaluation Criteria

  • 58 % Demonstrated Ability to Meet Scope of Work – (Technical Points)
  • 31 % Cost – will be evaluated for initial contract term of three years.
  • 11 % Company Qualifications – (Technical Points)

Understandability and comprehensiveness of information supplied in this RFP will affect the evaluation of the above criteria.

Discussions With Offerors (oral Presentation)

An oral presentation by an offeror to clarify a proposal may be required at the sole discretion of the District. However, the District may award a contract based on the initial proposals received without discussion with the Offeror. If oral presentations are required, they will be scheduled after the submission of proposals. Oral presentations will be made at the offerors expense.

Award Of Contract

Award shall be made to the offeror whose proposal is the most advantageous to the District taking into consideration price and the other evaluation factors set forth in this request for proposals.

The District reserves the right to select the hosting solution that is determined to be in the best interest of the District after considering the total cost of ownership and other support considerations.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger