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Recently, in Lisa Hatch’s sixth grade class, students integrated technology as they dove into the world of ecosystems.

The students were all paired with partners and were instructed to research different National Forests around the United States. To begin their research, they utilized the Foss science books that the class received this year. They were instructed to find out basic facts about their specific National Forest, which included what plants grow there, abiotic factors, biotic factors, and animals that live in the specific ecosystem.

After students thoroughly researched their ecosystem, they utilized their Google ChromeBooks to create a PowerPoint presentation with their partner. Each student had their own ChromeBook so they were able to each use the program “Google Slides”, which allowed them to work on the same presentation simultaneously. This process not only allowed students to speed up the process of creating a presentation, but also created a presentation that had more thorough research as two students were able to add different perspectives of information.

Through integrating technology in the classroom, the students were able to learn how to use technology in order to create visually appealing presentations, as well as learn how to effectively collaborate on research.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger