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Things get sticky as Provo High School students roll out dough to make cinnamon rolls and bread wreaths in Mrs. Cluff’s Foods 2 class.

As they prepare their stations, the students continue to flour their surfaces to ensure their dough remains easy to work with. This unit, the class has learned many of the basics of bread making, as well as the chemistry behind it, including gluten’s role in creating a successful bread product. By testing out these festive bread recipes, these students will better understand these processes discussed in class.

Half of the class gathers cheddar and parmesan cheese to fill their savory bread wreaths with while the other half collects cinnamon and sugar to make their sweet rolls. Both recipes, while different in taste, will require the students to perform the same skills such as rolling the dough, filling it evenly with the ingredients and creating a uniform product.

Once the doughs have been filled, shaped and prepped, they enter the proofing oven where they will rise and ferment before baking. As always, the students get to enjoy their final products and assess their performance.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss