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Vocabulary practice in Erica Mildenhall’s sixth grade class begins by repeating the words and definitions in unison. Together they move from one word to the next in hopes of memorizing the terms for the week. They make their way to the end of the list and it seems as though their vocabulary practice is over. However, the fun is just about to begin as Mildenhall announces a vocabulary rap battle.

Learning new words can be tedious for some students, but a vocabulary rap battle is an engaging and fun way to internalize the terms the class is focusing on. To start, the students split into groups of three and four with an assigned vocabulary term. The groups then brainstorm actions and lyrics to complete a rap that will help everyone understand the new word. After practicing repeatedly, the students are ready for the final step: performing in front of the class.

The students get into position and the rapping commences. As each group busts a rhyme, the others listen and encourage to their classmates. The excitement grows as the raps become more entertaining and the actions more crazy. When the rapping comes to an end, the class repeats the terms one more time through.

Listening to the rap battle, it is apparent that this activity was a success as each student proclaims the words and definitions with gusto and accuracy.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss