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Every day, the fourth graders at Timpanogos Elementary spend thirty minutes engaged in guided reading. During this time, volunteers come read with the students and offer help to them when needed.

The main goal of guided reading is to improve comprehension, vocabulary skills and even phonics. According to one fourth grade teacher Jamie Beck, it is important not only for her students to read at their grade level but to actually understand and process the information in front of them. By taking the time for guided reading each day, this allows the teachers to track the progress of their students and see which areas need improvement.

The fourth graders at Timpanogos can also improve their language arts skills by using their class set of Google Chromebooks. Using the Chromebooks allows the students to access online activities that encourage learning in different areas. One online source called “Lexia” is a reading based program that involves the students in different games and activities that will improve their reading and vocabulary skills. Other resources are also available to help students with their typing and spelling abilities.

Utilizing the resources available through the Google Chromebooks is a great example of the implementation of the Provo Way Learning Initiative to integrate technology in the classroom. Doing so also helps the students stay involved and engaged in a fun way.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss