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The words of William Shakespeare are flowing into Nicole Marriott’s Theatre 1 classroom as the students read Hamlet. Ms. Marriott, a theatre and ballroom dance teacher at Dixon Middle School, successfully utilizes learning targets to teach students about theatre design through reading classic plays.

While reading Hamlet, the students were not just getting an experience reading Shakespeare, but were also learning about costume design as well. Ms. Marriott began her class by stating the learning target “I can read a play while keeping a costume design in mind” and then assigning each student a role in the classic play to read through the script.

After reading, Ms. Marriott utilized the classroom iPads to have the students research a costume design from their choice era and place. Throughout the next couple of weeks, the students will be drawing their costume design for both male and female characters in Hamlet.

Through using learning targets within the classroom, Ms. Marriott was able to keep her class focused on the main objective of the lesson while reading valuable supplemental material.

November 14, 2016

Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson