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Have you ever had a problem that required critical thinking and learning to solve? Well, two classes at Rock Canyon have. Fourth graders at Rock Canyon gathered around as they tried to break open a “breakout box.” The students could only open the box by figuring out clues around the room and solving different codes. They had to open five different kinds of locks: a four-digit lock, a three-digit lock, a word lock, a directional lock and a key lock.

Mrs. Harrington and Ms. Wrigley beamed with pride as their students cracked the boxes and opened them up. It takes a lot of work to open these boxes, but the students learned how to work together, be critical thinkers, solve various problems and practice listening. With all of these important learning objectives at play, the students broke the box!

These breakout boxes provide exciting experiences for students as they apply what they learn, but they are also a lot of work to prepare. The locks need to be set at the correct codes and the clues need to be printed and placed around the room. Provo City School District is grateful for teachers like Mrs. Harrington and Ms. Wrigley that take the time to provide an exciting and effective learning experience for their students.

Shalee Hiskey
  • Shalee Hiskey