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The art classes are getting creative with geodes and heart-shaped art at Amelia Earhart as Amanda Elton, the art instructor, gave the fourth graders integrated projects that corresponded with their science core curriculum.

The fourth graders created geodes using water, water colors and salt. Using the “wet on wet technique”, the students first outline the shape of their rock with different curvatures and then take their paint brush with water to fill the area. After this, they begin filling in the shape with color using corresponding colors from the color wheel. At the end, they sprinkle salt on top to create the crystal effect. This project goes along with the fourth-grade science core standard that strives to teach the basic types of rocks such as igneous with observable crystals.

Meanwhile, the second graders worked on a more festive project. This project, which was centered around Valentines Day, utilized a water color print the students had previously made. The students began by using a heart template to trace over their print and then cut it out to glue it to a piece of black construction paper. Finally, they took fluorescent pastels and traced lines around their heart.

The line work required a steady hand. Elton reminds her students of what Paul Klee, the artist who was influenced by movements of cubism, said,” A line is a dot you take on a walk.” The students create their lines slowly and carefully for the best results. After filling the whole page with lines, students then grabbed a doily and colored over it onto their hearts to create more patterns and textures with different colors.

Elton has been teaching at Amelia Earhart for two years now and she loves to integrate the students core curriculum to their projects to give them a visual aid of their classroom learning.

Melissa Calvillo
  • Melissa Calvillo