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Westridge sixth graders in Mrs. Mashell Stott’s class have been exploring the world through the eyes of their ChromeBooks.

The class has been working on a country project, where students have the responsibility of researching and presenting on a particular country. Through this project, the students are learning how to conduct effective online research while they create different digital artifacts. These digital artifacts the students are creating include slideshows, a video, a QR code and a website (which is for extra credit). This project has allowed the students to work with their ChromeBooks in many different ways. Through the utilizations of ChromeBooks with this project, students have used many different online programs which include GoogleDocs, GoogleSlides, GoogleClassroom, Adobe Spark and Google Sheets, among others. 

However, this project is not the only time when students are using technology in the classroom. Mashell Stott is one of the teachers involved with the Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative, which was implemented into Provo City School District about four years ago. The overall goal of this initiative is to produce students who can thrive in our increasingly digital world through problem-solving skills.

Mrs. Stott is implementing this initiative in her classroom through the use of ChromeBooks and Google Classroom to have students create projects, submit assignments and receive feedback. Mrs. Stott stated that this initiative has changed her entire classroom, as students can turn in all work online and receive instant feedback on any assignments or projects that they do in class. It has also allowed classroom projects to become more efficient and detailed, as students now have access to many useful digital resources.

Overall, these students have been positively impacted through the implementation of technology in their classroom. It has created a learning environment that is more organized, efficient and that better prepares students for their future in a digital world. #ProvoGotSkills

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger