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Whether they are building marshmallow-noodle towers or learning American Sign Language, Provo School District’s Afterschool Program provide activities that allow students to channel social awareness, responsible decision-making, clear communication and self-management.

“We want our Afterschool Program to instill vision and possibility,” said Afterschool Coordinator Ivan Mangum. “Therefore, it is important for us to give the students opportunities to experiment with a lot of different activities like coding, painting, etc.”

“It’s more than academics,” said Mangum. “We are helping our students identify their strengths and showing them how they can use their strengths to contribute to their community and school. The more practice they get, the more confident they will feel using those talents in the classroom.”

Students that work consistently within their strengths are more confident and have been shown to perform better in the classroom. A recent study also showed that Afterschool Programs can boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors and promote physical health. (

“This January, the kids are starting a robot building competition,” said Mangum. “They are going to build the robots out of legos and enter a competition at the end of March.” “This is why I do this,” said Mangum. “To me, success is when the kids are having fun while building upon values.”

Thanks to the help and generous support of our School Foundation that is made up of our local community members and businesses, we are able to fund support programs like these and other scholarship programs for our students. To learn more about available programs, or how you can help, visit the website here.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger