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The “Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative” was implemented into Provo City School District about four years ago. The overall goal of this initiative is to produce students who can thrive in our increasingly digital world through problem-solving skills.

Shauna Palmer, who has been teaching at Timpview High for over 24 years, is one of the teachers who is involved with this initiative. She teaches both Japanese and U.S. Government. One of the ways that Shauna implements this learning initiative in her classroom is through the use of ChromeBooks. The ChromeBooks allow for students to have an enhanced learning experience, where they can more easily upload classroom assignments and complete visual projects. She says, “it is a great tool to give quick feedback, for students to take notes and, when working on a group project, they can get on Google Drive and collaborate with that as well”.

One of the projects that Mrs. Palmer has implemented with her U.S. Government class is what she calls the “selfie assignment”. In this assignment, students are asked to choose an amendment that applies to them and then take a picture of themselves with a caption that explains it. The class has an instagram account and students were then instructed to post their “selfie” onto the account. This project allows students to understand the US amendments in a way that both utilizes technology and is applicable to their generation.

The ChromeBooks have also been used in Mrs. Palmers’s Japanese class, as a way to create story presentations and storyboards. Instead of taking the time to draw scenes from a story the student will be telling to the class, the student can more easily find images on the web to represent different parts of their story. They can then record a voiceover that goes along with their presentation.

Shauna also ensures that students understand and use the classroom management tool called “Canvas”. Through this tool, students can see when assignments are due, turn in homework electronically and even find the class materials from when they were absent.

Through implementing the “Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative” in her classroom, Mrs. Palmer is able to enhance her students’ education in a way that could not be done without the technology. The technology is able to provide resources to students and creates an overall successful learning environment. #ProvoGotSkills

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