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At Timpview High, Medical Anatomy and Physiology students started last week’s class by labeling body parts such as the appendix, the pancreas and lymph nodes on their human body model. With their first test last Friday, students took full advantage of this class time to continue studying and memorizing the basic structure of the human body.

Denise Abbott explains that in order for her students to understand where these body parts are located it is important to see them in 2D form, instead of just visualizing it in their heads. To do this, Abbott has instructed her students to draw outlines of the human body from the front and back, and then label the body terms accordingly. Not only will they label the parts, but they also must draw many of the larger organs.

Throughout the class, the students work in groups to try to figure out what goes where. They carefully discuss each body part in order to ensure accuracy when labeling their human model. While flat and lifeless on the pieces of paper, many outlines of the human body feature a pleasant face with big eyes and a wide smile, giving the students an encouraging look as they study for their upcoming test. However, Abbott isn’t worried in the least for her students. Abbott describes her class as “self-motivated” with a “high level of engagement”. Because of this, she knows they will do great.

Starting this week, students will move onto learning about different tissues in the body to further understand how we as organisms function.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss