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Things are really taking off for the third graders in Julayne Wagner’s class as the class showcases their knowledge of the forces of motion through presenting their ideas for an egg drop.

The class has the option to create a “safe” car that will go down a ramp and crash into a wall, while protecting an egg inside the vehicle or create a protective barrier for the egg drop outside.

Students are graded on the overall presentation of their project. Students also contribute through critiquing each other on their protective ideas for the egg. Students must remember to explain the level of force and energy the projects will endure and how it will affect the egg. Many students have memorized Newton’s Law of Motion, “The first law states that an object at rest will remain at rest unless an action of external force, the second law states that objects will move farther and faster when pushed together, and the third law states that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Inhoo created a car out of cardboard that is filled with cotton balls and paper zigzag confetti. As well as a protective shield made only out of cylinder balloons that will help to cradle the egg.

Makayla made her egg drop project out of a two-liter soda bottle filled with cotton and plastic bags, with the top cut off. She will place the egg in the middle and then put a small plastic cup on top of it, securing it with tape. She will then place the top of the bottle back on and tape it all together.

Wagner utilizes the third-grade science standard three into the project that states, “the relationship between the force applied to an object and resulting motion of the object.”

Melissa Calvillo
  • Melissa Calvillo

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