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At Spring Creek Elementary, fourth graders in Linda Rossiter’s class head to the library for a fun surprise. Angela Laughlin, the Media Specialist at Spring Creek has prepared a fun activity to help the students become more familiar with many of the new books the library has to offer.

As the students gather around the library, Laughlin reveals the surprise as a scavenger hunt. Excitement ripples through the room as students separate into groups and create a plan to secure as many objects as possible. Tucked away behind books and on shelves, various items await the students’ discovery. Each object holds a different point total with some worth fewer points and some, which are hidden in trickier places, worth more.

Before setting the fourth graders loose, Laughlin describes one final catch. If the students can find the items from their list on the cover of a book, the point value doubles. With such a variety of new stories, Laughlin hopes this challenge will persuade the students to check them out.

With that, the students set off, working as a team to find their items. The fourth graders weaved their way through the library’s bookcase, looking high and low to locate everything on their list. At the end of the hunt, the students gathered together again to total their points. As fate would have it, the group who located the most items on book covers held the highest total and won the scavenger hunt.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss