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Last modified: July 5, 2022

Resources Roadmap

It’s easy to feel lost between inspecting the school boundary maps, sorting through school fees, trying to locate lunch waivers, and charting transportation. But don’t stress– we’ve got the shortcuts in our Resource Roadmap to get you were you need to go. 


Make sure your school knows how to contact you, remember your annual Powerschool registration & stay connected to your school. PowerSchool isn’t just for communication. From PowerSchool, parents can check grades, track attendance, register new students, review district policy/procedures, and access applications for the meals program and school fee waivers.

School Boundary Locator

Provo City has created an online mapping interface which allows you to access vital information including finding your school boundary.


If your child lives 1.5 miles from their elementary school or 2 miles from their middle or high school they are eligible to ride the bus. We also provide transportation for qualifying special needs students.

School Fees and Fee Waivers

There are fees associated with some classes in middle and high school, as well as some after school elementary programs. These fees vary according to class. You may be eligible for a fee waiver. All school fees are subject to fee waivers. Items not subject to fee waiver are yearbooks, personal consumables (letterman jacket, class rings, optional school clothing), school lunch/breakfast, fines, charges for AP tests, non-curricular clubs, refundable deposits and damages to school property.

School Transcripts

For transcripts less than 5 years old, please contact the school’s registrar. For older transcripts, or to order transcripts in July, please contact our Student and Family Services Department.

Chromebook Help Desk

Each PCSD student is provided a Chromebook for use at school and at home. Students will be assigned their Chromebook during the first weeks of school. For any issues, please reach out to the Chromebook Help Desk or complete the work order form.

School Meals and Free/Reduced Meals

Our schools offer all students a variety of nutritious meals. In 2022-2023, school meals will return to full price unless you have applied and are approved for free or reduced meals.

Accommodations and Testing for Special Needs

If your child (ages 3-21) is having significant difficulty with vision, hearing, speech, behavior, physical development, learning difficulty or is experiencing slow development typical for his/her age, they may qualify for differentiated services to meet their needs. We offer a wide array of services to support students with special needs. We provide testing at no cost and then coordinate an educational experience tailored to meet the needs of your student.


Utah law requires that school records include complete immunization records or exemption forms, including documentation of the day, month, and year each immunization was given.

  • Student Services: 801.374.4838

For Kindergarten to 6th grade attendance school year:

  • 5 DTaP*
  • 4 Polio*
  • 2 MMR*
  • 3 Hepatitis B
  • 2 Hepatitis A
  • 2 Varicella (Chickenpox)**

7th to 12th grade

The following vaccines are required in addition to the elementary grade requirements:

  • 1 Dtap
  • 1 Meningococcal

*The 5th DTP and 4th Polio immunizations need to be given after the child’s 4th birthday, the first MMR and Chickenpox vaccines must be given after the first birthday.

** Documentation of varicella disease or “chicken pox” must be confirmed by your licensed healthcare provider if no varicella immunization has been given.

Where to get Immunizations

Immunizations are available from your personal physician or from the Utah County Health Department (UCHD) at the following times and locations. If your child needs immunizations and you will be getting them at UCHD, please take your records of previous immunizations when you go.

  • 151 S. University Ave. Suite 1900, Provo Mon, Tues, Fri. 8:00 to 5:00
  • 151 S. University Ave. Suite 1900, Provo Wed. 8:00 to 7:00
  • 151 S. University Ave. Suite 1900, Provo Thurs. 9:00 to 5:00
  • 599 S. 500 E. Suite 2, American Fork Mon. thru Fri. 8:00 to 4:30
  • 285 N State Rd. 198 3rd floor, Payson Mon. thru Fri 8:00 to 11:30 & 1:00 to 4:30

Immunization Exemptions

To claim a personal, religious or medical exemption, the legal guardian must complete an online educational module (free of charge) and provide a copy of the completed form to the school official.

The online course can be found at Completion of the online educational module can be done at the Health Department if you do not have access to a computer. For a medical exemption, a written note from a licensed health care provider must be provided along with a copy of the completed online educational module. It should state the physical condition of the student, and why that vaccine would endanger the student’s life or health.