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Last modified: January 5, 2024

School Fees

Pagos escolaresPursuant to Utah Code 53G-7-5 and Utah State Board of Education Rule 277-407, Provo City School District Board of Education annually reviews and approves all school fees charged in District schools. This website provides a centralized repository for all school fees charged throughout the District. Fees are organized by either activity type or location.

  • Each activity is listed with its maximum fee allowed to be charged at any school. Some locations have no fees and other fees are the same for all schools within the district (Districtwide location).
  • Amounts include any planned group or individual fundraisers needed for participation and may not reflect the exact amount a student/parent will be required to pay out of pocket.
  • All fees, other than those specified, are subject to fee waivers. Fines and payments for adult and/or preschool activities are also not subject to waiver. Costs for Distance Learning, Concurrent Enrollment and AP tests are also not subject to waiver.
  • District policy and procedure are included as links on this page, along with information on fee waivers for grades K-6 and 7-12. Applications to be used for the school year are also available.
  • Please contact individual schools and/or faculty advisors for specific questions regarding fundraising and required fee payments.
  • The maximum per student amount for the school year is $5,000. This maximum covers up to four extra-curricular activities (please see district policy 6160).

Fee Schedules

Fee Waiver

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