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As students walk past Raya Leavitt’s classroom, they will most likely hear the musical sounds of drums beating and keyboards playing. Ms. Leavitt, a Kindergarten teacher at Provost Elementary, heavily utilizes music in her classroom to teach critical concepts.

Throughout the day, she uses several different instruments, including her own singing voice, to help teach students various learning concepts. For example, she has her students play with their individual keyboards to learn vowel sounds and their colors. Mrs. Leavitt also continuously sings to her students in every lesson in order to promote repetition and memorization of learning concepts.

Leavitt believes that it is important to incorporate music into the classroom because it is a fun and extremely effective way to teach almost anything. In her classroom, she sees results that she believes come from teaching with music. She finds that music promotes repetition, cooperation, a positive learning environment, long-term memorization, and whole-body learning, all of which are all essential elements for teaching new concepts and skills.

Through Ms. Leavitt’s high energy and unique teaching style, Kindergarten students at Provost are able to experience a positive learning environment where learning concepts are enforced in a memorable and effective way.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger