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Recently, an innovative unit from Provo High’s art department was featured in the School Arts Magazine.

The School Arts Magazine was developed through Davis Art and is a magazine created by educators for educators. It provides professional support and ideas for educators in the K-12 arts.

Provo High was featured for their partnership program that they have started with the Springville Museum of Art. Through this program, students are able to mentored by museum professionals as they go through the process of curating and mounting professional exhibitions. Not only does this project give students the privilege of working with museum professionals, but it also gives them the opportunity to work the steps of exhibition development and planning with these individuals.

During this unit, students experience the real-world of exhibition as they work through all the various steps in order to create their own exhibition in a real museum. They practice thesis development, explore exhibition design and logistics, develop exhibition proposals (that are reviewed by the museum professionals), build and present their exhibition and complete a reflection after the conclusion of the exhibition.

Congratulations to Provo High for the feature in the School Arts Magazine and for the creation of such an outstanding hands-on learning project.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger