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To ring in the new season and welcome the upcoming holiday, second graders at Westridge Elementary are working hard to show their gratitude. To express their thanks, the students draw pictures during differentiated learning time at school.

Differentiated learning is a time set aside where students from each grade can regroup into smaller class sizes and work with others who share similar strengths and weaknesses. Today, the second graders in differentiate learning use their typing and drawing skills on Kid Pix to create a picture that represents all they are thankful for. Prior to this, the students brainstormed ideas and wrote their thoughts down on paper to prepare for their computer time.

As the students create their pictures, it’s clear to see that many are thankful for family, friends and even school. Others also express gratitude for favorite toys and food such as fidget spinners and steak. Over the past few weeks, the students have greatly improved their typing and drawing skills by using Kid Pix. LeAnn McMahan, a member of the faculty at Westridge, says it is very rewarding to see their thoughts and ideas represented in a new and creative way.

As differentiated learning continues, the students at Westridge will continue to engage in activities that will help them thrive at school.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss