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To reiterate, 18 Timpview Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) students qualified for the national leadership conference after winning gold at the state competition. Their projects focus on strengthening families, serving the community, and advocating for vital community issues.

As part of the FCCLA student fundraiser for the nationals trip, we’re introducing a few of the many outstanding students and their FCCLA Projects!

Erin McVey and Mady Salmon – Food Innovations Team 

The first two students I spoke with were the Food Innovations Team Erin McVey and Mady Salmon (Gwen Larson is their third teammate, and she sadly was unavailable). 

Their task? Develop three low-sugar cookie recipes, test each with their target demographic of local teenagers, and design a scalable marketing strategy.

Trouble-shooting recipes according to taste is one thing, but keeping the integrity of the cookie while finding a brandable, unique flavor is entirely another.

“We learned a lot about cookies and how vital sugar is. Once you take sugar out, it changes the cookie,” Mady said.

Erin noted that adding fattier substances helps keep the cookie together– so they tried different blends and mixtures of peanut butter and chocolate chips to find their favorite cookies.

The two designed their trademark, naming their company “The Sunshine Cookie Company,” appealing to a healthier, more organic image for their brand. They spoke at length about scaling to market in schools and in-stores, which paid off.

The two took 1st place in the state. Erin and Mady are taking the judge’s suggestions, pulling on more professional marketing tactics and an improved pitch strategy to cook up a winning presentation. Accounting for these new ingredients, we’re confident our students will rise to the occasion and take the cake– or cookie, in this case.

Gwen Larson, Erin McVey, Mady Salmon (Food Innovations)

Gwen Larson, Erin McVey, Mady Salmon (Food Innovations)

That concludes our student highlights this week. Again, thank you for reading; check in next Wednesday for future FCCLA coverage!

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei