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Last modified: October 27, 2023

Title III Identification & Program Placement Procedures

Identification of EL/ML Students


      • Beginning of the school year: Identify the student within the first 30 days of school.
      • Ongoing: Identify students within 14 days of arrival at your location.

Notification, twice annually

      • 1st Notification: Beginning of the year identification; and ongoing as new EL students arrive at your school.
      • 2nd Notification: Annual WiDA ACCESS Assessment results.

Procedures for Identification

      • Step 1 – Home Language Survey [HLS]
        • The Title III Department will run a weekly HLS report for each school. This report indicates to all new students who have registered and marked that a language other than English is spoken in the home in the online registration process. *See identification chart for details on questions.
      • Step 2 – Home Language Survey [HLS] Communication to Schools
        • The Title III Department will email each school weekly a reminder to check their individual HLS reports. Any new students who have registered will be added. There are 6 tabs that need to be checked, see description below:
          • Tab 1: Needs Investigation. This tab is populated with new students who indicate a language other than English is spoken in the home during online registration. Supervisors will complete the investigation process for each student. There are questions on the HLS to help guide you through the identification process.
          • Tab 2: New, Previously Identified/Updated Records Needed. This tab is populated with students who are new to your school, but have previously been identified in our district as an EL student. The EL Supervisor will make the teacher aware of the proficiency level of their new student, and start services. If the student has outdated information, the Title III Department will give steps to gather current information.
          • Tab 3: Student Inquiry. This tab is where we communicate regarding students whose school has evidence for a need to investigate a potential EL identification.
          • Tab 4: eSchool Students. This tab indicates students who reside in your school boundary but are attending eSchool. The EL Supervisor reaches out to parents yearly for ACCESS testing. eSchool is responsible for all curriculum, instruction and accommodations for learning. *This tab is only populated before the ACCESS testing window.
          • Tab 5: PreSchool. This tab is populated in the Spring with preschool students who have indicated another language is spoken in the home upon registering. We follow the same HLS procedures and screen as needed to identify prior to Kindergarten. This tab will only appear for schools who have preschool classes at their location.
          • Tab 6: Monitor/Exit. This tab is populated in May with the students who are in monitor status. The EL Supervisor coordinates with the team/teacher to populate the document using the rubric at the top of the tab.
      • Step 3 – WiDA Screener
        • Once you receive permission from the Title III Department, testing should be administered by a staff member at your school who has completed the WiDA trainings & certifications for the appropriate assessments. The EL Supervisor is responsible for scoring and entering test data into the HLS. The Title III Department will enter the screener results into PowerSchool and update the HLS to show the process has been completed.
      • Step 4 – WiDA Screener Results Shared with Teacher & Parents if Student is Identified as EL

The assessment results should be shared with the teacher. The Title III Department will send home a notification letter to parents indicating that the student is enrolled in EL services at their school. Parents will be directed to contact the student’s teacher or EL Supervisor at the school with any questions regarding program services.


    • Please wait until you have seen your HLS email Monday to notify us of newly enrolled potential EL students at your school. If you have students who you think need to be tested that do not appear on the Needs Investigation Tab of the HLS, add those students to the Student Investigation Tab.
    • Please do not administer the screener at your school until you receive permission to test from the Title III Department.