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On Thursday, March 10th, Provo Peaks hosted an outstanding community event with activities for all ages. But the star of the show (IMHO) was found at the back of the school, where STEM teacher Taleese Rogers ran Infini-D simulations while her sixth grade students demonstrated their robotic creations and taught visitors how to code.

The students, in their bright yellow “Future Leader” shirts, told me that coding is fun and easy and helps them meet new people. They displayed their Valentine’s robots, created from scratch with Hummingbird microprocessors, sensors, lights, and motors (Principal Burge as a rotating Valentine’s clown was definitely the highlight!) and helped visitors code Finch robots.

Mrs. Rogers, a part-time teacher hired specifically to teach STEM at Provo Peaks, was so proud of her student leaders, saying they were “super excited to share what they have learned with everyone.” Ultimately, she says, the goal is to “inspire one another with what we are doing” and to help all students develop STEM skills and knowledge to help them now and in the future.

Mrs. Rogers was recently featured on the Inifini-D Facebook page for her work in bringing STEM experiences to Provo Peaks students. They cited the quote that inspires her work, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” That always strikes me when I work with our K-12 students on coding, robotics, and other technologies: they aren’t afraid of them the way we sometimes are. One of the sixth grade student leaders told me that she is learning to program in Python because she thinks coding is so fun. Imagine that!

Suzy Cox
  • Suzy Cox