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During October, ProvoCAPS hosted another successful open house for the students participating in the program. The first time the public was invited into NuSkin’s halls, the event was geared toward administrators and officials. For this open house, the attendees were much more personal: the parents of the students in the program.

Donned in heather gray ProvoCAPS polo shirts and their matching Force for Good yellow lanyards and badges, the students welcomed their parents and siblings with pride for the progress they were able to show on their projects. In addition to the parents, Provo School Board members, business partners, teachers, and counselors attended the event. The students impressed all with confidence and enthusiasm shown as they showed off their projects. The rigorous planning, brainstorming, and collaboration involved for the projects were on full display.

The students’ projects are all partnerships with various businesses and organizations. Some are local, others less so. The industries involved range from health care, engineering and design, software development, business and marketing, and entrepreneurship. The opportunity to work hands on with real projects has unlocked a deeper level of connection and performance for many students. One proud parent expressed that his daughter’s involvement in ProvoCAPS cleared her vision to skills and abilities that are innately hers but have been untapped until now. Another parent exclaimed that his son’s exposure to a real world experience better prepared him for his future career.

The ProvoCAPS program shows how local business, public education, and the community as a whole can partner together to produce personalized learning experiences that educate the workforce of tomorrow for high-skill, high demand jobs.

Jonah Heiner
  • Jonah Heiner