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Encouraging phrases such as “I can do this!” and “I don’t give up!” adorn the walls of the portables at Lakeview Elementary in happy, energetic colors. These little sayings, along with others, help to cultivate a growth mindset during the school’s Tier 2 Intervention Support Program.

The Tier 2 Intervention Program provides an opportunity for students who may need extra help aside from assistance during regular class time to come with work instructional aids to improve areas of study such as literacy and math. Each day for 30 minutes, the students participate in different programs targeted toward these areas.

About 15-20% of students need more help than what is offered in their regular classes. By coming to Intervention every day, students get to work with instructional assistants in small groups of three and four, giving them the best chance possible to improve their learning abilities. One aid, Bobbie Taniguchi, says that this program works so well because it allows her to see the individual needs of a student then work with their teacher to get the student on track.

Taniguchi also explains just how fulfilling it is to help a student learn how to catch and fix their own mistakes. When they can find exactly where they are falling behind, it makes it easier to help the student progress and improve their skills.

The instructional assistants work hard to create a positive atmosphere that will help the students of Lakeview visualize the possibilities and inspire them to do their best.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss