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“Queue Music!”

This morning at Edgemont Elementary, phones flew out of pockets and smiles spread contagiously among audience members as the students performed their Annual Christmas Sing-along program. 

This show-stopping performance featured  harmonized whistling, french carols and American Sign Language (ASL) numbers.

“This is a long standing tradition at Edgemont Elementary,” said principal Harmony Kartchner. “It is fun and helps us get into the holiday spirit.”

These students didn’t hold back and delivered a memorable performance.

For many students, these performances were fun as well, but they also held a greater significance and deeper meaning.

To them, their program is a work of self-discipline, confidence and achievement.

Among these skills, the students developed their experience in language, reasoning and creative thinking.

They relied upon their memory so they could anticipate the music and artistically interpret the song through their own unique expression.

You’ve seen it: Kids hopping up and down or kids belting out the chorus. For them, it is a safe place to explore and experiment.

Because it is important to learn how to deal with fear in a healthy way, performing on stage teaches the kids how to take responsible risks in overcoming fear and anxiety.

There is great wisdom in learning the arts and we are grateful to our students who take it upon themselves to get out of their comfort zone and perform with confidence. 

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger