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Recently, kindergartners in Mrs. Bigelow’s class settled in for spooky story time at Rock Canyon Elementary. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s only fitting that the book selection matches the holiday. As the students gather together in the school’s library, the library assistant, Hayley Linn, opens the first frightening tale and begins to read.

Linn lowers her voice as she describes the events in the book, “I Want to Be in a Scary Story” by Sean Taylor. The students sit with wide eyes, anxiously waiting to find out what will happen to the main character, Little Monster. Whispers and chatter breaks out as the book takes a surprising turn and winds up more funny than spooky. With the turn of the last page, the kindergartners giggle at the unexpected ending and beg Linn for another book.

Linn is happy to comply and ends story time with one last tale. As Linn explains, it is important to make sure kids get the opportunity to read together as a class, no matter the difference in reading level. Doing so allows the class to develop discussions about themes and questions found in the book. Linn also says that story time is a great way to introduce new topics and books to the kids.

As the students at Rock Canyon continue to come to story time twice a week, new books will be available for them to read together.

students listen to teacher reading a book

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss