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Last modified: December 5, 2023

Policy No. 3418 Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

The Provo City School District Board of Education recognizes that the decision for a student to see a health care professional or use medication is a parental/guardian concern. In working with students, school personnel may be in a position to make or give recommendations to parents/ guardians which impact their children’s education. As a general rule, all non-medical school district personnel should refrain from discussing and making recommendations to parent(s)/ guardian(s) about perceived student medical needs.

The purpose of this policy and procedure is to clarify for school personnel and parent(s)/ guardian(s) the recommendations or directions that school personnel may make or give to parent(s)/guardian(s) about seeing health care professionals or using specific medication for their children. The board directs the superintendent to develop procedures to implement this policy.

Approved by Board of Education

September 8, 2015


Policy 3418 P1 Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parent(s)/Guardian(s)