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Last modified: December 5, 2023

Policy 3610 P1 Religious Instruction Release Time

The Provo City School District allows secondary students to be released from school during the regular school day for the purpose of attending classes in religious instruction offered by a legally organized church. This policy is in accordance with Utah Code and in compliance with guidelines adopted by the Utah State Board of Education. The Board holds that this policy does not violate the Constitutional requirement for separation of church and state so long as the time remains separate and neither institution invades the domain of the other. Release time for religious instruction is not to be confined to any one religion. The Board delegates to the Superintendent or designee responsibility for implementing this policy in compliance with Utah law and in accordance with State and district guidelines.

Administration Guidelines

Secondary school principals are directed to implement a program which honors parental/guardian requests for student release time for religious instruction during the school day according to the following guidelines:

  1. Students will be granted release time for religious instruction after notifying the school of this intent through the class registration process. The school will work closely with the seminary regarding student attendance. If the student is dropped from religious instruction due to attendance issues, he/she will be assigned another class to attend within the school setting;
  2. Release time is limited to one (1) class period per day;
  3. School attendance is mandatory for students not attending religious instruction;
  4. Release time instruction must be provided by a qualified instructor who represents a legally organized church; 
  5. Release time is not to be granted during times when it interferes with completion of the student’s regular course of study or with classes required for graduation; 
  6. School credit will not be awarded for release time classes; 
  7. School personnel shall not monitor attendance, maintain records, or perform any other work related to released time classes; 
  8. Records of release time class attendance, release time grades, marks or other release time information are not to be included on the student’s school report card or other school records;
  9. Release time class instructors are not members of the school faculty nor are they to be included as faculty members or considered faculty members in any school functions; 
  10. Public school teachers, administrators, or other officials may not request release time instructors to exercise functions or assume responsibilities for public school programs which commingle activities of the two institutions; and 
  11. School publications shall not publish articles, pictures, reports, or records related to release time class functions or activities.

Legal References

Utah Code R277-610

Release-Time Classes and Public Schools

Approved by Board of Education

October 8, 2013


Policy 3610 Religious Instruction Release Time