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Some clarifications have been requested regarding the possible re-location of Dixon Middle School, specifically around the number of students walking and using district transportation (busing).

Would it be less safe for students to walk to the new site?

No, it would be more safe than current circumstances, mainly because new walk routes would move away from Center street to 900 S. The current walk route safety issues of Center Street are alleviated by providing unfunded busing.  Students walking from the new site would need to cross the train tracks, as do many of our current elementary students.

Current Walk Route

Footprinter’s Park Walk Route

Does the state pay for busing students who are within a 2 mile radius of the school?  

The state does not fund buses for routes under 2 miles from school. We currently run a locally-funded route so students do not have to deal with the Center street viaduct. No matter the location of Dixon Middle School, the Board of Education will continue to evaluate the safety of all students on their routes to school and make a determination on bus routes as necessary.

Current Bus/Walk Zones

Footprinters’ Park Bus/Walk Zones

Will busing costs increase or decrease by moving Dixon Middle School?

Our calculations show that busing costs will decrease with a rebuilt Dixon at Footprinters’ Park, based on current enrollments and addresses.  At the current location,  450 students are eligible for busing and 328 students live in the walk zone.  At the Footprinters’ Park site, 401 students would be eligible for busing and 377 students would live in the walk zone.  To answer the question specifically about costs, he 49 student difference reduces the need of 1 bus and eliminates the locally-funded bus route noted above.  As noted above, the Board of Education will evaluate students’ walk routes and make determinations on bus routes as necessary.

Caleb Price
  • Director of Communications
  • Caleb Price