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Deana Anderson, Amelia Earhart’s before and after school coordinator, is helping Amelia Earhart students put down some roots with their new school greenhouse.

Deana’s purpose behind starting the greenhouse was to create an experience for students to experience the world around them, while also allowing them to try out a new skill. The students practice their writing skills through this activity by journaling about their gardening experience. The students learned how to plant various items by planting beans in cotton balls so that they could visually see how seeds grow in soil.

In the greenhouse, the students have planted tomatoes, several types of peppers, pumpkins, sunflowers, Shasta Daisies, Zinnias and Marigold flowers. The students will get to take their growing plants home and plant them in their own backyards. This was another reason why Deana started this activity: she wanted students to be able to take something home to show their families and keep doing throughout the summer.

Students have had an extremely positive reaction to the greenhouse. Deana says, “It’s great to see their faces as they see their seeds sprout and grow. They have all willingly taken on the responsibility to water and check the seeds and sprouts and look forward to their day for the ‘chore’. The students talk about how good their food will taste and what they will make and cook with it and how excited their family will be to have a garden this summer. It’s been a really great experience for us all.”

group of students plants

boy waters his plant

Shauna Sprunger
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  • Shauna Sprunger