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Lakeview sixth graders are getting firsthand experience with digital design programs through a recently completed project.

As part of Lakeview’s literacy enrichment program, the students have had the opportunity to create their own videos using the design program Adobe Spark. Through using this program, students have been learning basic design skills such as combining photos, text, music, and narration into video presentations. Judy Rose teaches this enrichment class and it combines students from the entire 6th grade.

Judy Rose is one of the teachers who is a part of the Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative. Through the implementation of this learning initiative, it is the goal that teachers will help to produce students who can thrive in our increasingly digital world through problem-solving skills.  Judy works to include this initiative in the classroom through utilizing ChromeBooks, teaching students important digital skills and introducing students to efficient digital resources. 

The students first project was called “The Stuff of Genius” and was all about the various inventions that have an impact on our world. Students had the responsibility to research different inventions and then created a video project about their research findings.

Through participating in this class, students are able to engage in the Provo Way Innovative Learning Initiative by using technology to learn valuable life skills that will be able to help them in their future career and life. #ProvoGotSkills

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger