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This week’s feature is Natalie Jacobus. Natalie has been teaching for five years. She teaches sixth grade at Provo Peaks Elementary and feels teaching gives her meaning to her life. Here is what Natalie wrote about her reason for teaching:

Why I Teach…

by Natalie Jacobus

I teach because I want to know that every day I’m going to wake up and do something meaningful. When I think about my life and wonder if I have a purpose, I always think about my job as a teacher, and realize that I do. Each year I get to learn to care for and inspire 25 new precious students. (Essay continued below video)

I teach because I love seeing the light in a student’s eyes when they realize that they are wanted, loved, and can do hard things. It’s been amazing to see students take on challenges that previously, they wouldn’t have taken on. And I love seeing their confidence grow as they realize that they are important.

I teach because school is never boring. Each day contains different challenges and mountains to climb. I have different student personalities to figure out how to react to so they can reach their potential. I have students that want my attention every moment of the day, and care what I think of them. There’s nothing better then letting a student know I care and am proud of them. I love the relationships I get to build with the children who are our future!

Shauna Sprunger
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