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“Freedom”, “heroes”, and “America” are all words that were mentioned as Kaley Durney explained the events of September 11th to her third grade class. While still fresh in many of our minds, those of the younger generation might not fully understand what this day means. Because of this, Durney used that day as an opportunity to teach her students the importance of this historic event.

Durney began by telling her students about the airplanes hitting the towers and The Pentagon. She explained that even though everyone was scared and confused on that day, many people united together to overcome this adversity. They did this by creating memorials all over the city, including a fountain that held the names of those who died during the attack.

To help honor this day, third graders in Mrs. Durney’s class decided to make their own patchwork remembrance quilt. Each student received their own patch to draw and express what it means to be an American as well as the positive feelings surrounding 9/11 such as unity and strength. The students worked hard to create images of things like the American flag, people working together and individuals fighting for our country.

Once finished, the individual pieces will come together to create a complete work that represents America and the values we hold.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss