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DLI (Dual Language Immersion) teachers have it hard; creating proficiency in English is one challenge, but developing proficiency in two languages is another trial altogether. Lakeview Elementary students and staff are lucky to have Roberta Loftus. 

As the first-grade DLI teacher, Roberta takes on Kindergartners and starts their path towards linguistic and cultural ingratiation, working via vertical alignment with other DLI teachers towards mastery. She starts student journeys with zeal, making their course clearer and brighter.

For this and much more, we’d like to celebrate and congratulate Roberta Loftus with the Provo Way Award.

Roberta’s nomination comes from fellow Portuguese DLI Teacher, Mel Stirling-Durant. Mel’s letter revealed not only how helpful Roberta is in teaching students, but in teaching and collaborating with teachers, too:

Roberta Loftus and I often collaborate because vertical alignment and phonics are her passions. I learn so much with and from her; she is an important piece of our DLI team. The students absolutely love her kindness and enthusiasm when she teaches math, literacy, sciences, and Portuguese. Her motto is to think outside the box, and she wants all her students to succeed. Professora Loftus goes above and beyond. She mentors a few newbie DLI first-grade teachers weekly after hours out of personal dedication and kindness.

During the award, Mel Stirling-Durant then shared a heartfelt, off-the-cuff nomination in Portuguese to their students, which was then translated and paraphrased by  Principal Jamie Leite-Davis. Here’s what Jamie shared with the students and visitors:

We have worked together for almost ten years. We’ve specifically worked the last three years on phonics. Professora Loftus is the first-grade teacher, and I’m the second-grade teacher. After first grade, I get her students, and I see the difference their phonics work makes. It’s awe-inspiring to take kindergartners who only speak English and transform them into Portuguese speakers in a year. I don’t think I could do it.

Stirling-Durant then commented in Portuguese, and all of the kids giggled. Principal Leite-Davis then translated her comment:

“I love her more than chocolate.”

After Mel-Stirling Durant’s speech, Principal Lete-Davis also spoke about the many ways that make Roberta worthy of the award:

I also want to say that we are so lucky to have Roberta Loftus at Lakeview. She has a calm and quiet demeanor but is also an enthusiastic, kind teacher. Even during this quick visit, you can see that she has her learning target on the board and how hard the students are working on phonics. We are so grateful and lucky to have her.

Thank you, Roberta Loftus, and congratulations on your award.

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