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Students in Tina McCulloch’s fifth grade class at Provo Peaks Elementary School used their persuasive writing skills leading to the planning of a garage and bake sale to support Teleton, an organization for the celebration and support of persons with special needs.

Each student wrote a persuasive essay about an organization in the community they wanted to support. The essays were then graded and narrowed down to the winner, with the help of Desirae Parker, a local community member who started a project to give clothes to the homeless in need.

McCulloch wanted students to know they can make a difference in the world right now. “It doesn’t matter who you help as long as you are helping someone,” one student said.

“Their notice and care for the special needs kids in our school increased,” McCulloch said. “They are becoming more aware and they chose to spend their recess time playing with them and when we go down the hall the special needs kids will greet them.”

Oscar, the student who won the persuasive essay contest, said, “Everybody has a chance to do something … A little act can make a big difference.”

Way to make a difference, Provo Peaks!

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Kate Simpson
  • Kate Simpson