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Last modified: September 26, 2023

Policy No. 1100 Board Member Elections and Reapportionment


The term of office for an elected member shall be four years, except as required because of reapportionment as set forth below, and begins on the first Monday in January following the election.


An individual may become a candidate for election to the Board by filing a declaration of candidacy with the county clerk and paying the fee as required in Utah Code.


No more than five (5) members may be elected to the board in any election, unless otherwise required as a consequence of reapportionment, as set forth below, or to fill a vacancy by election.

Reapportionment does not cut short board member terms

Reapportionment does not affect the right of any school board member to complete the term for which the member was elected.

Representation of school board districts after reapportionment

  1. If after reapportionment only one board member whose term extends beyond reapportionment lives within a reapportioned school board district, that board member shall represent that school board district.
  2. If after reapportionment two or more members whose terms extend beyond reapportionment live within a reapportioned school board district, the members involved shall select one member by lot to represent that school board district.
    • The other members shall serve at-large for the remainder of their terms.
    • Notwithstanding the number of board members otherwise established by law, the at-large board members shall serve in addition to the designated number of board members for the board in question for the remainder of their terms.
  3. If after reapportionment there is no board member living within a school board district whose term extends beyond reapportionment, the seat for that school board district shall be treated as vacant and filled.

Adjustment of term lengths because of reapportionment

If, before an election affected by reapportionment, the county or municipal legislative body that conducted the reapportionment determines that one or more members must be elected to terms of two years to meet this part’s requirements for staggered terms, the legislative body shall determine by lot which of the reapportioned local school board districts will elect members to two-year terms and which will elect members to four-year terms. All subsequent elections are for four-year terms.

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Reapportionment – Adjustment of Board Member term

Approved by Board of Education:

August 13, 2013