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Last modified: December 6, 2023

Policy No. 3520 Student Public Performances

The board recognizes the educational and social values that may be derived from student participation in activities sponsored by community organizations.

A student may perform as a representative of the district or any school or other organization of the district subject to the approval of the principal. Permission and approval to perform as a representative of the school or district will be contingent upon the principal’s determination that such participation is in the best interests of the student, school, and district.

From time to time, school performance groups may receive invitations to perform in religious settings or venues. Any such invitations must be evaluated by the principal to ensure that (1), there is a secular (non-religious) purpose for participating in the activity, and (2), participation in the activity would not have a primary effect of advancing or endorsing religion. The principal may elect to seek further guidance from District administration in making this determination.

In accordance with state law, parents, legal guardians, or students may request to be excused from participating in a school activity that they feel infringes on their rights of conscience or religious freedom. If a performance in a religious setting or venue is approved, individual students shall nonetheless be permitted to opt out from participating on this basis. Any such students will make arrangements in advance with the teacher and will not be penalized, academically or otherwise, for not participating in such events or activities.

Approved by Board of Education

December 8, 2015