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Last modified: December 5, 2023

Policy No. 3416 Administration of Medication to Students

Provo City School District seeks the safe and appropriate administration of medication to students in the rare cases in which medication must be given during school hours. To see that medication is administered safely in these cases, procedures have been developed to determine that medication to be administered is appropriately recorded, labeled, and stored in a locked location; that parent(s)/ guardian(s) provide appropriate information and documentation regarding medication; and that any staff members giving medication are given any necessary training by a school nurse.

The Board directs the Superintendent to develop procedures which will ensure that medication is administered safely and only in approved circumstances.

Legal References

Utah Code 53G-9-502

Administration of medication to students- PrerequisitesImmunity from liability- Applicability

Approved by the Board of Education

August 2007

Revised: March 12, 2013


3416 Procedure 1 Administration of Medication

3416 Procedure 2 Administration of Non-Prescription Medication

3416 Procedure 3 Emergency Administration of Seizure Rescue Medication

3416 Procedure 6 Emergency Administration of Opiate Antagonist

3416 Procedure 7 Student Possession and Self-Administration of Asthma Medication