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Last modified: December 1, 2023

Policy 3228 P1: Preferred Student Name and/or Gender Identity Change Request Procedures

It is the policy of Provo City School District (“PCSD”) to accommodate reasonable preferred name, pronouns, and/or preferred gender change requests for students who would like to be recognized by a preferred first and/or middle name(s), pronouns, and/or gender in place of their legal given first and/or middle name(s), pronouns, and/or gender assigned at birth. As such, this procedure outlines the process which an Authorized Party must take in order to request a preferred name, pronouns, and/or gender identity change. For purposes of this procedure, an Authorized Party is:

  • a parent or legal guardian of an unemancipated student 17 years old or younger;
  • a student 18 years of age or older; or
  • an emancipated student of any age as provided by Utah Code § 78A-6-801, et seq.

If approved, the change of preferred first and/or middle name(s), pronouns and/or gender identity shall only be reflected on records maintained by PCSD, such as report cards, class lists, other informal district documents, etc. Any legal document the School District generates such as transcripts, diplomas, etc., will list the student’s legal given name(s) and, where applicable, the student’s assigned gender at the time of the student’s birth.

Steps to Request Name, Pronouns, and/or Gender Identity Change

  1. Complete the PCSD-approved Preferred Student Name, Pronouns, and/or Gender Change Form by reading it thoroughly, filling out the information required by the form, and signing it.
  2. Submit the completed form to the PCSD Student Services office for review.
  3. The PCSD Student Services staff will notify applicants within 10 business days of the decision. Approved requests will be adjusted within five business days of the decision in the Student Information System.
  4. In the case of a denial, an appeal may be made to the PCSD Assistant Superintendent of Student Services for consideration.
  5. In the case of an approval, Student Services shall contact the appropriate school administration to inform them of the name and/or gender change being made in the district’s Student Information System.

Only the first and middle names can be changed unless the Authorized Party presents a court order changing the student’s last name consistent with Utah Code § 42-1-1, et seq. This guideline complies with federal FERPA law.

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