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Last modified: December 5, 2023

Policy 3405 P1 Nursing Services

Provo City School District contracts with Utah County Health Department for nursing services.

  1. Services to Schools
    • The school nurse, under the direction of Student Services shall:
      • Develop care plans and provide resource/support to teachers responsible for children with acute and chronic health conditions
      • Respond to local school health related emergencies when available
      • Provide in-service to educators, staff, students and parents in the following health related areas:
        1. Dental Hygiene
        2. Personal Hygiene
        3. Nutrition 
        4. Maturation 
        5. Kindergarten orientation 
        6. CPR/First Aid training 
        7. OSHA guidelines regarding safely handling body fluids 
        8. Communicable disease prevention and management for parents regarding immunizations and the management of their student’s health needs
      • Monitor ordering of first-aid supplies. A designated staff member of the local school may order and maintain necessary first-aid supplies.
      • Coordinate communicable disease control by working with the local health department in:
        1. Conducting epidemiological investigations for identification of contacts and source cases, including those students with head lice
        2. Providing instruction for treatment
        3. Making referrals to appropriate health care providers
        4. Making recommendation for student exclusion
        5. Participating in appropriate, necessary follow-up activities
    • School nurses will work with designated school personnel for the maintenance of immunization levels of the student body. A nurse will be available as an adviser to the schools.
    • Under the direction of the school administration, school nurses are responsible for providing examinations for abnormal spinal curvature each year for students in the seventh and eighth grades, including all children with disabilities in the same age group. School nurses also are responsible for vision screening for all students in preschool, kindergarten, and grades 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th.
  2.  Services to special education students
    • The nurse(s) will provide the following nursing services:
      • Provide primary nursing care
      • Assess maladaptive responses to health problems
      • Conduct physical assessment of high risk or referred students 
      • Plan and update health care plans
      • Provide health counseling and instruction to students and staff 
      • Participate in developing health component of students’ IEP
      • Make referrals to appropriate health care providers 
      • Train staff to administer daily medications 
      • Conduct vision screening of students as needed every three years as part of the students’ IEP

Approval date

March 12, 2013


Policy No. 3405 Nursing Services