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Last modified: September 26, 2023

Policy No. 1700 Compensation and Benefits for Board Members

As permitted by Utah State law, members of local school boards of education are permitted to receive a small amount of compensation for their services. Board members are also eligible to receive benefits through the district.


Board member compensation is $480 per month. Board leadership will receive an additional amount of $120 per month. This nominal amount is to offset the personal expenses and time required.

Technology and Connectivity

Technology necessary to perform board-related duties will be issued to each board member. Normally, this would be in the form of a laptop/desktop/tablet. A monthly connectivity allowance may also be requested by a board member who does not otherwise have connectivity.

Medical Benefits

The district will cover the costs associated with each plan board members choose. This does not cover any HSA or FSA contributions. Individual, two-party (spousal), or family benefits may be selected by board members per individual circumstances.

The compensation and benefits in this section will be in addition to reimbursement for allowable expenses.

Board members may choose not to receive any/all of the items noted in this policy by notifying the superintendent in writing.

Approved by Board of Education:

November 12, 2013

Revised: August 8, 2023