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Every student is capable of great things. As educators, we’ve seen students across all walks of life tackle all sorts of challenges, academic or otherwise. We’ve seen some students face academic disappointment, find grit, and achieve; we’ve also seen some students achieve their dreams from the get-go. Regardless of their expectations—and sometimes despite them—we know every student can do great things.

This month, we’d like to celebrate students across the district. We contacted a few teachers for recommendations on students who achieve in any way, shape, or form. 

We received a message from Provo High School Choir Teacher Kenny Wiser, who had a student in mind: Kade Jessop. Vocal Performance Sterling Scholar, Choir President, Mountain Biking Team member and enthusiast, and friend to all, Kade is a student worthy of praise and is a reminder that a growth mindset makes a difference, no matter the task.

Kade is a Provo Native and the oldest of four. He’s a stellar example for family and friends alike. He keeps himself busy; between his role as Choir President, planning choir activities, aiding Wiser with general choir management, and taking voice and piano lessons, Kade’s used his hobbies to hone his talents into a single performance, earning him accolades as the Sterling Scholar for Vocal Performance. But it took time, as demonstrated by a drastic change from a struggling sophomore choir newbie to this year’s scholars. To quote Kade’s words on the experience:

I joined the choir two years ago and started halfway through the year. We were working on an ensemble festival, where you sing a solo or an ensemble. It was my first time in choir, and I’d only been in for a few weeks. And I got an awful score. So, I worked on it. For a year, I worked hard to improve.

This last year, my junior year, we were required to do a solo. I sang An die Musik by Franz Shubert. This performance, I got a 1 at the state festival, which is the highest possible score at the state festival. I went from a terrible grade to the best grade you can earn. It’s one of my proudest accomplishments.

This experience sparked an epiphany: one can accomplish a lot through consistent, daily efforts. To quote Kade once more:

That was the point at which I realized that singing is something I can do and do well. I worked hard on that solo. Through all that hard work, dedication, and with the help of my teacher and my family, I seriously improved, just by dedicating my time.

Kade Jessop’s story exemplifies that perseverance is growth. From his first challenges as a wet-behind-the-ears choir student to earning the highest honors for a choir performance our state can offer, Kade’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of dedication. We’re proud that our district hosts students like Kade Jessop, and we can’t wait to see—and hear—what he does in future years.

Spencer Tuinei
  • Communication Specialist
  • Spencer Tuinei