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For Provo High School students in 2nd period German class, life just got a little bit sweeter. Everyone watches as their teacher Michael Bradley dumps a large variety bag of chocolates on the desk. With the candy before them, they begin to collect pieces to fill their “Zuckertütten” with. What is a Zuckertütten one might ask? While foreign to many of us here in the United States, a Zuckertütten remains a large part of the German culture and Mr. Bradley’s class.

Dating back to the early 1800s, a Zuckertütten is a traditional German gift that parents give to their children upon entering the first grade. Shaped like a cone or “Tüte” their gift is filled to the brim with toys and treats to make their transition into starting school just a little bit sweeter. Surprisingly enough, the Zuckertütten often measured nearly as tall as the child itself.

So, to develop a greater understanding of this tradition in the German culture, Bradley has asked his students to make their own. To do this, students shape cardstock into the shape of a cone then line the inside with tissue paper. They fill their cones with chocolate pieces and school supplies then finish it off by tying a bow around the top of it.

The finished product is bright and colorful, inviting one to take a peek inside. However, as tradition follows, the students must wait until they arrive home to unveil their prizes. When they do, Bradley’s hope is that his student’s will realize how sweet his German class is.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss