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Christine Giles’ kindergarten class enters Edgemont Elementary’s amazing space lab for the very first time. Their mission-should they choose to accept-is to learn about the forces of motion and the properties of materials as part of the science standard 3.

They do this by participating in an activity called “parts to make it start”. Holly Patching, Edgemont’s space lab technician, briefs the students on their mission. She explains that there are many forces at work in our world and the universe. These different forces will play a part in making their spaceship functional.

Within “Mission Control”, the kindergartners begin their mission by testing different parts to build their spaceship. Once successful, their ship is suddenly in motion flying through space. To continue their journey, the students must work together, navigating their ship through different paths, directions and surfaces. After successful navigation, the crew glides their ship onto the surface of Earth’s ocean and their mission is complete.

This mission is just one of many that the students will have the opportunity to take part in. Future missions in the space lab will continue to provide an interactive way for these kindergartners and all other students of Edgemont to engage in different learning targets and science core standards.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss