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About Our District

Welcome to Provo City School District. Officially organized in 1898, Provo City School District is one of 41 public school districts in Utah. Consisting of two traditional high schools, an alternative high school, two middle schools, thirteen elementary schools and a K-12 web-based school with the largest selection of on-line courses in the state, the district serves approximately 13,956 students. The district also provides additional programs, including: preschool, adult high school completion, concurrent enrollment, advanced placement, special education, music, career technology, elementary dual language, multicultural programs and gifted and talented programs.

Provo City School District Introduces Medical Emergency Response Teams

Ten to twenty percent of injuries to children occur in school (ages 5-19). In Utah, there is a student injury every other day, leading to more than 5,000 missed school days for all injured students.

Our nurses are creating the Medical Emergency Response Teams– or MERT, for short, to combat and prepare for school emergencies. 

MERT is a designated team at each school that responds to medical emergencies during school hours. 

Nurses and Administrators are currently co-selecting team members and plan to train them on managing and responding to the most common emergencies seen at their school. Staff will also receive CPR and First AID training.

MERT Team members include Principals, Secretaries, Health Clerks, Nurses, Custodians, CPR-certified Teachers, Instructional Assistants, Athletic Trainers and Coaches, Counselors and Social Workers, and School Resource Officers.

Once selected, our nurses will determine meeting dates, create and update specific Emergency Management Plans, and conduct biannual team drills to practice skills according to different scenarios.

To learn more about MERT, reach out to your school’s nurse.