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When asked the question, “What is the Golden Rule?” Timpview’s Kindness Club students said, “To me, the golden rule is allowing other students to join your group.” Another student agreed saying, “To me, the golden rule is treating people how you want to be treated. It’s that simple and easy.”

“We all want to be treated fairly,” stated another student. “We all want to be recognized, have friends and want to be able to do things without being rejected.”

“At Timpview, our Kindness Club is broken into two groups,” said Kindness Club coordinator Esther Reid. “The smaller group (the Outreach Council) is a group of students chosen by administrators to represent the diverse student body. These students signed up to promote an environment of inclusion and kindness.”

“The Golden Rule Project was assigned to the Outreach Council. In this project, students were asked to choose a specific peer group and focus on creating projects that would help them feel accepted.”

Reid Continues, “It has been an amazing experience to see these students share, listen, collaborate and implement projects together. They respectfully listen to each others’ ideas and talk to others they may have not interacted with before.”

“The biggest take away I had from this club was recognizing people,” said one student. “I learned that our school is really diverse and that we have a lot of different talents that can be used to create something awesome,” shared another.

“I’ve learned that ideas about certain groups aren’t necessarily true. If we try and get to know people, we’ll find there’s a lot of similarities (even though we are in different social groups).”

“If we look out for those who are alone and include them, then it will make Timpview a lot better. It will make us happier.”

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger