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Second graders at Timpanogos are starting out the year by discussing the importance of their class, school and neighborhood communities. The second grade teachers also want student to be aware they have a “home community” as well. To accomplish this goal, each student will prepare and share a presentation on their family community to the rest of the class.

Today was the first presentation in Denece Kitto’s classroom, and Leila was the presenter. Leila, dressed in a beautiful handmade outfit, was well prepared for her presentation and came to the front of class with her mother, father, grandmother and little sister. Her family is from Tonga and Leila shared family traditions, culture and Tongan artifacts. She also shared family rules such as showing respect for others and reading 20 minutes every evening. She presented a Tongan flag that she had created and showed the class where to find Tonga on the world map. She then took questions from her classmates.

“Our goal is that every second grade student and their family have the opportunity to come to school and feel a valued member of our class, school and neighborhood community, knowing they have talents and skills to contribute,” said Mrs. Kitto.

The hope of the second grade teachers at Timpanogos is to have every child share a presentation by the end of September. This effort will strengthen their class community and provide the classrooms with valuable parent resources.

Shauna Sprunger
  • Coordinator of Communications
  • Shauna Sprunger