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Mrs. Metz’s fifth grade class proudly presents their Reader’s Theater: A Conversation on the Edge of War. Theatrical displays of poetry, singing, dancing and acting all help to convey what these students have learned this year in U.S. History, especially the events leading up the American Revolution and America’s independence from Britain.

In preparation for this event, it remained important for Mrs. Metz to let her students retain the freedom to choose in order to make this event special to them. It was up to the students to research as much information as possible to help them understand this time period in American history. They also worked hard to make their own costumes, create individual speaking parts and memorize lines.

Mrs. Metz explains that the Reader’s Theater is a culmination of things the students have learned in U.S. History throughout the school year. By participating in Reader’s Theater, it gives the students the opportunity to build their fluency, improve their presenting and speaking skills and work on parts of articulation including: speed, accuracy, pausing and expression.

As the fifth graders practiced, Mrs. Metz enjoyed watching their confidence grow and seeing things “click” when they finally understand a certain aspect of the curriculum as it pertains to Reader’s Theater. During their performance, the students came to life as they acted out their parts; putting on a show the rest of Sunset View won’t soon forget.

Madison Bliss
  • Madison Bliss